Helix Rule.
For three years, he’s learned from the man who rules an empire that spans the world. Hotels and clubs are his claim to fame, but what Helix Rule really does is control a crime syndicate so dark and deadly few dare to cross him.
For those who do, he has Alaric.
While Helix’s sons Alex and Gideon run the business that everyone thinks makes their family billionaires, Alaric does the job that truly made the Rules a worldwide name.
A killer like his uncle before him, he’s a ghost, a man unseen and unknown but deadly. Once Alaric Rule is assigned a name, that person ceases to exist.
Assassin. Hitman. Killer.
He’s the perfect machine trained to eliminate people, and now he’s found me.
SAVAGE MINE was previously published as REAP in the Darkly Ever After Anthology.

Look for Savage Heart, the conclusion to Alaric and Sienna's story, AVAILABLE NOW!