The men of organized crime aren’t white knights.

With quick trigger fingers and ruthless souls, they’re tall, dark, and deadly.

Taking what they want and decimating anything that stands in their way.

These men rule from their bloody thrones.

Only a woman’s touch can tame the beasts lurking inside.

Bringing light to the darkness.

Love in the ruin.

It may not be hearts and flowers…

But it is darkly ever after…


Darkly Ever After Anthology features eighteen Dark Romance novellas in the sinister underworld of Organized Crime.


Featured Authors:

Silla Webb, Gwyn McNamee, Abbi Cook, Aidee Jaimes, Beck Knight, Catherine Wiltcher, Christy Anderson, Cole Denton Cora Kenborn, Indie Hayes, Jagger Cole, Khardine Gray & Faith Summers, Jennifer Rebecca, Lee Savino & KT Strange, Lexxi James, Sapphire Knight, Sienna Snow, SR Jones

Darkly Ever After: An Organized Crime Anthology is available now!